Our Vision

  • Equipping the next generation to live life to the full.
  • Being a voice in this nation and other nations, speaking out to improve the lives of children and young people.

Everyone wants to live in a good and wholesome society where the weak are supported, responsibility is taken seriously and community cohesion enhanced. Breakdown of law and social disorder can be easily identified as major issues to be tackled.

Education has a pivotal role in developing young people to become responsible citizens who can build bridges, rather than walls, across a divided society.

HighLight offers keys for unlocking wisdom.

School communities have powerful potential to be catalysts for good. They are places where parents’ and teachers’ aspirations and hopes for our children’s future can be nurtured and kindled into lives which are fulfilled and purposeful. Character values are vital to this process.  HighLight offers keys for wisdom in character, competence and curriculum.

Good practice
Our schools are examples of how this philosophy works in practice. Our regular publications and newsletters, together with our website, show how this thinking is worked through. Our schools would also welcome the opportunity to work with other local schools to form a partnership which will have mutual benefits.