Seoul, S. Korea at Shineland School 8-14th March

The main purpose of this visit was to see Shineland school in operation for the first time.  Last January (2013) I had spent an intensive week training the staff without being able to see the newly begun school.  Now I saw them a year later with their classes in a newly rented 9th floor of a building.  It is expensive but it suits their needs admirably until they can build.

Pastor Kim, Principal Young Choi and me

Pastor Kim, Principal Young Choi and me

Steve Beegoo (Principal of The King’s School, nr Oxford) joined me on Monday and we observed classes, addressed staff in seminars and different configurations, encouraging them and their children, (presently there are 100 from 3-18yrs) and  we both spoke at a parents evening.  In addition to this, we also briefly visited another Presbyterian Christian school: Vision Classical Christian School.


We ate numerous Korean meals (which often boast 20+ dishes), including seaweed, lobster, jellyfish noodles, squid and all sorts of meat as well as the national delicacy of Kimshi (a spicy vegetable).  School Director Young Choi hosted us with real care.  Every day we were up soon after 5 a.m. and never got to bed before 10.30.   I struggled all week with jet lag, getting an average of 3 hrs. a night until the last night!

Blind boy being prayed for by his sister

Blind boy being prayed for by his sister

The love and dedication of all teachers and church workers impressed us deeply.

Powerful prayer and a healing

The most moving moment for me was the assembly of 3-11 yr olds where we met one little boy who had recently been healed of blindness in one eye as he had persistently prayed to be healed.


South KoreaFuture plans

A second objective was to discuss with the Pastor and leaders a second invitation for HighLight to come for a longer period and train their teachers from surrounding countries, where there are plans to start schools through an existing network of relationship. These countries include The Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal and Vietnam.  We are considering this seriously – it would be a great privilege.

The whole trip was a very positive experience.  Both cultures have much to learn from each other.  So watch this space for future developments!

David Freeman