A photograph of the HighLight Team

(Left to right: Dr Matt Finn, Fiona Norcross, Len Garnham, Sandra Vijber, David Freeman, Rosie Freeman, Simon Reeves)

The team is led by David Freeman. The trustees of the charity are: David Freeman, Dr Matt Finn, Len Garnham and Fiona Norcross.

David Freeman Cert Ed., BA, M.Phil
David has over 40 years’ experience in state and independent schools. He was the founding head of The King’s School near Oxford which has a consistently high record of academic and character achievement. He was head for 17 years and later, was one of four directors of an Ofsted-approved schools’ inspectorate. For many years, David has pioneered schools. He also trains teachers, envisions parents and mentors leaders in the UK and in Canada, Poland, Kazakhstan, India, South Korea and many African countries. David is also Honorary Principal of a school in Seoul. He brings all this experience to his work in the UK and as an independent education consultant abroad. He is the author of several book, most recently, “Diamonds Lost in the Sand”.

Dr Matt Finn BA, MA, PhD, PCAP
Matt is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Exeter, UK. His teaching and research focuses on children and education. He was previously a part-time secondary school teacher. He works to see all learners grow in curiosity and understanding, and discover the particular ways they can make a difference in the world.

Fiona Norcross
Fiona has worked for 30 years in the education, church and youth arenas, teaching, mentoring and inspiring children and young people. She was the Principal of an Independent Christian School for fourteen years and also a team inspector for an Ofsted-approved Schools Inspectorate. Fiona is currently working as a Deputy Head Teacher of a Primary School in  London.

Len Garnham, Ex-Corporal RAF
Len has worked with David Freeman for many years as an advisor to leaders in the UK and in several countries. He was involved in pioneering The King’s School near Oxford, contributing significantly to the leadership as both a parent and a trustee. His passion is to promote and communicate Christian values, encouraging and challenging schools in their application.

Sandra Vijber
Out of her desire to seek God first, Sandra inspires those around her. In this way she leads Bloom! (Bloei!) and HighLight Holland from which she offers training and coaching. She is the founder and leader of a flourishing day-care named Hadassa and is a graduate in Pedagogy (BSc).